The Ultimate Travel Destination Bucket List (Top 4)

Almost everybody admires people that quit their full-time jobs to travel the world. However, life is not like that for most people. Most people have to tick off their travel destinations bucket list one at a time. In fact, ticking the destinations in their lists may take years or decades. But, seeing the greatest sights in the world is a worthy endeavor for everyone.

Fortunately, there are countless destinations where you can see and enjoy awesome experiences. When you know these destinations, you have won half the battle. Here are the top 4 ultimate travel destinations that you should have in your bucket list:

  1. Kenya

Many travelers have described the great migration of over one million wildebeests, 200,000 zebras and 500,00 gazelles from the Tanzanian Serengeti National Park into the Kenyan Maasai Mara National Reserve as the World Cup of wildlife. It is among the major natural wonders that seasoned travelers yearn to witness. This phenomenon takes place from July to October. It’s an immense migration with the animals leaping and stampeding into the rivers while giving birth and honing in on the prey.

Although the timing of this event is unpredictable, you will be one of the lucky few if you get an opportunity to see it during your African Wildlife Safari.


  1. Beijing

This is the People’s Republic of China capital. The bustling city is the cultural, economic and political center of the country. It’s among the six oldest cities in China. As such, it is rich in cultural experiences and historical significance. Basically, you will enjoy a good feeling of this country when you spend time in its capital. Beijing is also called The Forbidden Kingdom. It is popular for its enigmatic imperial history. The city was once ruled by emperors and while there, you can use a predicab ride to explore labyrinthine hutongs. You can also contemplate in the Summer Palace at the lakefront or inside the Temple of Heaven.

You can also go on a hiking mission at the Great Wall. This city has many markets where you can go haggling and shopping for Chinese gadgets, crafts, antiques, tea and pearls. And, don’t leave before you sink your teeth into the Peking duck. The cuisine of this city is represented in almost all luxury restaurants. But, this is not all. You can enjoy the amazing nightlife of this city in late-night bars that feature amazing jazz bands. There are also Peking opera, performances and cocktails that you can enjoy during late-night boat rides. Essentially, Beijing is a great place to enjoy great tea at a quiet place, noisy haggling in the market, or a solemn prayer with the city monks as you marvel at the dizzying skyscrapers.

  1. France

Visit France to enjoy the amazing views of its capital, Paris. This city is known for its historic monuments, buildings, world-renowned wine and food as well as shopping and fashion but there is more than this. A day spent in Paris enables you to view this amazing city from a vintage point, preferably with your favorite drink in your hand. The City of Light is illuminated by amazing light at night. And your trip to Paris will be incomplete if you don’t have a glimpse of the famous Eiffel Tower.

If you still have time, visit the lavender fields at Provence, France. Their fragrance of lavender is simply amazing. The fields bloom between June and August and they present a purple sea that creates a color-rich, incredible, aromatic scene. Take a moment to close eyes and breathe in deeply before you exhale.

  1. The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is a must visit destination for a seasoned traveler. It lies between Palestine, Jordan and Israel. This sea is a body of natural water that has super high salt concentration. This implies that you can easily float on it. What’s more, it has shores that are 423 meters below the sea level. This implies that a trip to this destination allows you to tick off your experience of being at the lowest earth elevation point.

The world is sufficiently large with many travel destinations to choose from. Consider these destinations if you intend to travel this year.

5 Star Resort Experience in Cabo

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Exclusive and Serene Setting

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Great Activities

Some of the activities that you can engage in to enjoy an unforgettable 5 star resort experience in Cabo include all water sports that you may imagine. You can also participate in a nearby golf championship or go to a modern fitness center. There are also family-friendly programs for kids. If you prefer, take a stroll to the fishing marina and yacht or embark on deep-sea diving, sailing adventures, or fishing. You can also go out to uncover eclectic and unique shopping and dining as well as many nightlife opportunities.

Awesome Food

A 5 star resort in Cabo features the best cuisine ever. The food is simply delicious. And if you love fish, the resort won’t disappoint you. You will have a chance to eat sea bass, halibut, and mahi-mahi among others. If you want to taste fish taco, this is your opportunity. Here, you enjoy the finest, thrilling dining. The experience is made better by the laid back setting of the resort.

Cabo is also called Los Cabos. It’s a region in the Southern end of Baja Peninsula in Mexico. It’s a family friendly destination that every traveler falls in love with. If you plan to travel this year, consider visiting a resort in Cabo.

Popular Travel Destinations-An Intro

Singapore is the vibrant and energetic city where the East meets West with the traditional and modern. It is one of the world’s financial centers and famous for world-class shopping, modern architecture and delicious cuisine. The Lion City offers a unique experience for every visitor from colourful ethnic festivals to lively nightlife. Singapore the city has many other highlights like the Singapore Zoo, the famous Night Safari and the tropical theme park, Sentosa Island. This city has a fantastic tourism infrastructure and great public transport making it an ideal holiday destination and the perfect gateway to other South East Asian destinations.

Thailand is a country of beauty and mystery that attracts many travellers to its island resorts and busy cities. The culture, food and warm hospitality of the locals keep tourists coming back for more. The two most popular beach resorts are:

Pattaya located on the Gulf of Thailand 150 km south of Bangkok. Known as the ‘Thai Riviera’ and one of South East Asia’s best beach resorts, resort Pattaya attracts more than a million tourists annually from all over the world. Set along the 4km beachfront, Pattaya is renowned for high standard hotels, shopping, seafood restaurants, assorted international cuisine, water sports and its vibrant nightlife. The southern section of the bay becomes very lively and entertaining at night with many bars, nightclubs, shopping stalls and local food vendors. A day trip cruise to outlying islands such as Coral Island is a very popular activity where water sports, restaurants and quiet beaches can be enjoyed.

Phuket, the “Pearl of the South”, is Thailand’s largest island (48 km in length, 21 km wide) lying in the Andaman Sea off the country’s southwestern coast and is connected to the mainland by a bridge. Phuket Town is in the south-east part of the island, the international airport is in the north and the most popular beach resort towns are on the west coast. As one of Asia’s premier beach resorts, Phuket still retains its own distinct culture from Chinese and Portuguese influences. The island offers visitors warm tropical weather, beautiful white sandy beaches with warm clear water, pristine forests, shopping in up-market stores or traditional markets, many bars and restaurants, enchanting nightlife and friendly locals.